Sure Betting Hockey Totals With Overtime Rules

I am in the US and Rebel Bet only offers a handful of books that I use. Currently, the Sure Bet screen is showing me mostly hockey totals (over/under). The problem is that they are recommending betting one side at a book that grades based on the total at the end of regulation and the other side at a book that grades on the total at the end of regulation. I have gotten burned on this, both sides of a Sure Bet losing, which is costly. Is there a way around this? Is it possible to make a regulation total bet work with an overtime total bet?

In the beginning I was also burned on the hockey while doing sure betting.
As a bettor we should always check how the final score is calculated.
There is no way around this.

I was aware of the discrepancy in rules regarding non-US hockey. I thought I had it accounted for until I took a big hit on a bet.