Sure Betting Not Providing Valid Oddds

I am noticing however in recent days that the software on Sure Betting is producing a lot of arbs with incorrect odds. (To such an extent that amonst my selected bookmakers (10-15) I cannot find one arb out of 20-30 selections with correct odds.

There are arbs listed as for example 5-10 minutes old yet I know for certain that the odds at this time when the arb would have been released were not what is stated in the software. When I update the odds to those available via the bookmakers the arb is no longer profitable.

Is anyone else having this issue and how can it be solved? As a result I am struggling to find profitable opportunities.


I am having the same issues. I have also made a post which are right under yours.
Seems there is a delay in fetching the odds from the bookies.
I have gotten worse around thursday this week. In the beginning of the week odds were more reliable.

Hi Morten,

Is your AutoSurf working?


Sorry for the inconvenience and the late reply. Please also email support@rebelbetting if you experience issues (so this gets filed as support cases). We’ll look into this of course.
Have you experienced unstable and old odds recently (today)?

Hi Morten. I think network quality could be a factor for that delay.

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It seems the bookmakers also subscribe to rb software and they foil every game that rb generates,
By lowering the odd,

Urgent attention on this aspect please.

I hail rebel betting scanner.
All hail the Republic of Biafra.

Jetbull always has outdated odds/ wrong line in valuebetting, could you please help? thanks