Sure betting or value betting?

@Hanna @Simon Can you please answer this question.

And I am finding it it hard to make a decision in subscribing on either surebet or value bet. On a budget of 60,000 naira, which do you think is important to start with? Because value bet seems less stressful and I should be able to make my subscription money in profit before the end of the first month. I will be using only Nigerian bookmakers as I am very familiar with them.

Hi! If you have around €100-150, you may want to start bonus hunting with MatchedBetting. Especially if the bookmakers you wish to use offer good sign up bonuses and free bets.

After you have earned all possible bonuses, you can move up to ValueBetting. It’s our latest product with great yearly profits. It is an easy way to make money, but you need to understand that ValueBetting is about making long term profit and require many placed bets over time. Please read more about the differences between sure betting and value betting.

If you’re interested in arbitrage trading but have a small bankroll of less than €1500, you should try RebelBetting Lite. It’s a more affordable service with a few limitations compared to the Pro version. So it’s all about what method you prefer. :slight_smile:

i just bought sub for surebetting lite for Nigeria, how do i get arbs for Nigeria bookies only


Hi! Please check out the software manual to learn how to customize your settings:

This section is about how to enable the bookmakers you want to use.

Also, have you read the e-book? Most questions are answered there:
Check it out! :grinning:

Thank you very much @Hanna you are very responsive. And I am proud of your team

ok bro i go send u message now

Hello bro good evening am odinaka from anambra
Am new in rebelbetting i have not subscribe but I need someone how will explain this to me before I sub please can u give me ur WhatsApp number