Sure Betting Profits Questions

Hi all, I hope everyone is well and making money!

I have a really newbie question so please forgive me and go easy. My question is that have done some research into ‘sure betting ’ and a lot of places that I’ve done the research they state “Make profit no matter the outcome”or “make small but lots of guaranteed profits”.

So how come people are reporting that they are losing money and are in the minus? Is this because they are making mistakes in the calculations or the stakes they are placing or are they ‘value betting’ which as I understand does come with a risk but the profit can be higher?

My research sources are here on Rebelbet, Oddstorm, Arbmate and a few other websites/ videos.

Thank you for your time and my apologies again for the basic question.


Maybe because they are betting using value betting instead of sure betting… Also note that sure betting may also bring you at a loss if 1 site decides to cancel a game you have already bet on