Sure betting web

So I have been using the new sure betting web thingy and these are some things I think you should fix.

  1. Not all matches are showing I am using the program and the web and some matches don’t appear at all in the web even though I use the exact same filters.
  2. Sometimes I put multiple bets on the same match it would be nice if I could add more bets of 1 match in the web for the logs.
  3. There is no telling which bets are new and old in the web, I hear the sound and check for bets and I don’t know which one is new.
    The web basically needs a bit of work but using it as a log is very handy, a lot more useful than having it in an office app. Raising the price for this I don’t really understand.

It is correct as you write so far the program rebelbetting 6.27 much better than the one on the web. It would have been interesting to hear what their response is to your notices. I have both the web and rebelbetting 6.27 on and there will be three times as many bets on Rebelbetting6.27 as the one on the web. And whats happening with coolbet and

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply.

The data should be the same. Please email support directly via email or chat and we’ll dig deeper into this to sort out what could be wrong.

At the moment you cannot add/log bets manually to the BetTracker. We’ll probably add this feature later on.

Thanks for your feedback regarding this, I’ll forward this to the dev team and we’ll discuss how to differentiate this better.

Please let us know if you have more feedback. We actively develop all our products and want to make the best possible sure betting and value betting service for you. We really appreciate your feedback so we know what to improve.