Surebetting with multiple sharps

Hi there. Wondering if anybody has been successful in surebetting with sharps. Is this even possible?

Ive been asking the same question…I asked RB support last week…but still no replies…Customer services has gone down and price has gone up…Im not as happy with RB as I used to be.

Hopefully someone on the Community can be more helpful in answering this


Sorry but you asked Hanna in a PM, which is not a support channel, it’s too easy to miss.

The answer is: Yes it’s definitely possible to surebet between two or more sharps, it’s just that these arbitrage situations rarely appear.

Only 3.4% of all (2way) surebets are between two sharps with an average yield of 3.7%.

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so the naswer is to get on board more Bookmakers I guess

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