Surrender or keep on struggling

What do you think guys? After a week with the trial version it’s just downhill. See pic.
Kelly on 30%, max stake 1.5, first two days was Kelly 40% and max stake 1.6.
Bankroll on 5000SEK.
Should I keep going or?!

I think that you just started and have too few bets.
Keep going.
Thank me in a few months time.

Yeah @totrashbin01 but after 23 bets in a row with loosing, in red. Im having it a tough time to see that.

i really see where you coming from… the point is it is a part of the game, unfortunately… my first two week of the pro version I was 200GBP down then you start wondering why the hell do I continue with this? The answer is: most bettors are profitable and the system works! I am up now 100GBP. You see, I see it as investing in stocks… some days I lose money and others the market explodes… but you don’t care about the wins and loss per day but about the average annual return over years. Although yes the life of a value bettor doesn’t last that long you still can apply it to it.

So the only way to overcome is the following: stick to the default settings, bet as much as possible (50 min per day) and don’t look at your bet tracker every day.

Lastly, Rebelbetting has a profit guarantee scheme. see here Sports Betting with a Profit Guarantee - RebelBetting


Love your answer!


And what was your Bankroll then in the start?
Like if you where down 200£ and bought a paid version for let’s say 100£, then you had to go plus 300£ the first paid month to even be afloat!

My bankroll is £1500 I believe :slight_smile: and yes that is correct but looking at my profit it is now over £300. After just a couple of days. Besides, most of my accounts are quite restricted so no easy way up but still doable as you can see :slight_smile:

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When I first started, I almost immediately lost $400 AUD. I am now 9000 bets in and I am in 16K profit. You have just started at an unlucky time with variance in a downswing. keep betting

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