SvenskaSpel - Sharp or Soft?


I am wondering if Svenskaspel is a Sharp or a soft bookmaker? I think they have been going to use Sbtech from now on? I also wonder if it is true that they dont use limitations at the moment?

// PG

We have an average yield of 2.8% on SvenskaSpel.

However, they trade a lot of Swedish sports in-house, and seem to be sharp on many leagues - we get a yield of -2.3% on these.

So if you skip Swedish sports you get a yield of 4.9%!

They have just changed to SBTech, and results look very promising - more odds, high closing line value, high yield and the 500 SEK limit is gone!

But it’s only been a few days so let’s see. My theory is that they will still handle Swedish sports in-house. They have also said they will never limit individual players, but we’ll see…

Thanks for that quick answer! :slight_smile:

Another question Simon. How is the yield on Sbtech? Since now they are using there odds I guess?

Results have been amazing since SS switched, but it’s probably just because of low nr of bets (3500) an extremely hot run :grin:

Closing line value 2.7% but actual yield 8,7%!

Finland’s state-owned monopoly bookmaker Veikkaus paid over 9 million euros for SBTech’s platform but Finland’s laws do not allow Cash Out, so they can’t use it :smile:

Hope they get it sorted out. Veikkaus also doesn’t limit users.

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