SvenskaSpel - Sharp or Soft?


I am wondering if Svenskaspel is a Sharp or a soft bookmaker? I think they have been going to use Sbtech from now on? I also wonder if it is true that they dont use limitations at the moment?

// PG

We have an average yield of 2.8% on SvenskaSpel.

However, they trade a lot of Swedish sports in-house, and seem to be sharp on many leagues - we get a yield of -2.3% on these.

So if you skip Swedish sports you get a yield of 4.9%!

They have just changed to SBTech, and results look very promising - more odds, high closing line value, high yield and the 500 SEK limit is gone!

But it’s only been a few days so let’s see. My theory is that they will still handle Swedish sports in-house. They have also said they will never limit individual players, but we’ll see…

Thanks for that quick answer! :slight_smile:

Another question Simon. How is the yield on Sbtech? Since now they are using there odds I guess?

Results have been amazing since SS switched, but it’s probably just because of low nr of bets (3500) an extremely hot run :grin:

Closing line value 2.7% but actual yield 8,7%!

Finland’s state-owned monopoly bookmaker Veikkaus paid over 9 million euros for SBTech’s platform but Finland’s laws do not allow Cash Out, so they can’t use it :smile:

Hope they get it sorted out. Veikkaus also doesn’t limit users.

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Hi, I bought a week worth of the surebets software and I’m impressed.

Based on what you wrote here 2 months ago " They have also said they will never limit individual players, but we’ll see…" I’ve tried to direct my winnings towards svenska spel and pinnacle.

Is there any update about whether Svenska spel limits players? Also is ATG fast to limit players?

Svenska Spel has said multiple times that they will not limit winning players. I have not heard of anyone being limited.

ATG limits the slowest of all Kambi bookies, they work great for value betting.

Music to my ears! If I get limited by ATG can I still register and play unlimited with other Kambi bookies?

Yes, no problem.