Switzerland and betting?

Hello everybody!
In the past few weeks I’ve started reading about value betting and sure betting, the more I’ve read the more interested I’ve got.
I decided it was time to give it a try but… In Switzerland almost all bookmakers are banned (I think it has to do with ‘protecting’ our economy but not sure about the reason).
Does someone have a trick on how to register to those bookmakers anyway or isn’t value/sure betting possible in Switzerland? Any Swiss out there doing it?

Thanks in advance,


Check out: What bookmakers are allowed from your country


Thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately, most of them were recently banned from my country (check this webpage for more details https://blacklist.comlot.ch/comlot_blacklist_20191126.pdf).
Sometimes my country really makes me mad but that’s another story ahah.

I’m thinking about using a VPN to change position and using a fictitious address to register on different bookmakers websites. Do you guys think this could be a good idea?