System developer or system to pay

I’m looking for a Developepoer web or similar in this field (I’m not an expert to know who builds it) to build an app or system (as I know they are called APIs).
I want the rebelbing matches to be played in the automated way of bet365 without doing anything, even when iam in sleep. Does this do or do you know such a system? I also want to know the discounts and ups of the coefficients.

Bet365 has no public API you would need a tool that places it in a browser and that will get you limited faster then manual

You have more info about that? Can i ask in private?

You can but it will not help you much

It is possible what you want but it’s not logical unless you have an unlimited amount of accounts

Just wait for rebelbetting to release their api and then use sharp bookies all of them offer apis to place bets

But the good here is i can find as much as i want accounts. its not problem there. the problem is to realise that, or to find that programm.And of course be valuable. I just want the program to put the bets myself, while I’m asleep. Did you know to suggest me something?

It’s not only placing the bet but also parsing from rebelbetting wait for their api to be released then it will be easier to do and cheaper to program

ah thanks mate, i didnt hear about that. Is it true @Hanna ?

Yeah, if you are interested in the API, contact or send us a chat and let us know your email address. I will then put you on the mailing list and get in touch with you as soon as we can offer this.