Taking a break for the summer

Hello everyone.
I am writing this post in order to get some questions answered.
Sommer is comming and I will be leaving my country where I am registered with the betting sites. Since VPN does not work on Bet365, it is not worth keeping it just for few gubbed sites.
Question is.
Can I keep my profiles without withdrawing the winnings so I can start back in autumn when I will return to Denmark?
Is there any risk in the bookmaker closing my profile or keeping my money?

Thank you in advance for the answers.

Do not withdraw the profits. You better do this when the acc is completely restricted. Doing nothing for a few weeks , months, without withdrawing will make your accounts even healthier .

Thank you for the reply.
I knew is good not to withdraw but was not sure about inactivity. But since you said is better. I will do so.

I got limited at a few bookies, after 3 months rest, I signed in, I was up to starting limits again. From this I get that inactivity is good :slight_smile: We know for sure that hyperactivity is hated

What books did this work on?

888sport, betsafe, betclic

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If B365 is available in the vacation country you can log in as normal.

Unfortunatly it is not available in Romania. I was thinking of that, oppening accounts on the Romanian websites…
It is also taht summers are very busy for me and I don’t really have the time and patience to do it when I know I have things to do.
I would take a well deserved break.