Tax on stake don't work!

Hey there, anyone else with this issue?

I put in the tax for every bookmaker in the settings and saved it correctly. As I live in Germany, my tax is 5% on stake.
In the tracker, when the bets are graded, the tax is NOT deducted from the profit.
Let me explain with an example.

I take a bet with 100€ stake and odds 2.00
If I lose this bet, my profit is -100€.
If I win this bet, my net profit is 90€. (2.00 x 0,95 = 1.90 net odds)
In the tracker, when the bet is graded, the profit shows 100€.

Tax on profit seems to be working, but tax on stake is NOT working.

Can you please check this out? @Hanna @Bjorn

A fix was released just now. Please go to the first bet you found wrong and open it up and click save, the following after should be correct as well.