Tennis bad results

in this month I have had many losses in tennis (about -20%) only that I have made a few bets to determine that tennis is no longer profitable and therefore I wanted to ask for the experiences of others. I mainly bet on unibet and betway

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How many tennis bets have you placed? And how many bets in total? Please note that you should not draw any conclusions early on in your value betting career, as variance will have a big impact on your result. The volume of bets matter.

I made a few bets about 70 on tennis, so I wanted to ask for the experience of others, as some in the comunity in January had a drop

I’ve also seen a drop in January. I want to export my bets to do a more comprehensive analysis but on an initial look the ITF W15 matches have been the least profitable for me. I have consistently seen a loss on these games since I joined in October last year.

I have 350 tennis bets in last 20 days of january and got 9.2% gain.So the its just he problem in tennis but in the books u play tennis.

Hi Buddy, may i ask how did you export your betting data from Rebel? I cant seem to find the way to do it.

I dont export anything its in my betting report . Screenshot by Lightshot

@Jianhua_Guan there isn’t an option to export bets so I just manually track in excel.

@xtc69 what books are you using?

Well i live in greece so have only 2.Stoiximan cause is just greece bookie and 5 dimes.

I don’t seem to have much luck with tennis either. I had great results for the Wimbledon open last year but it went downhill from there!

I have also had a big downsing lately with Tennis (lasted for two months I think). It’s now turning back. I assume it was luck (sample is limited to 377 bets) !

Since the first days of december till today, i did 334 bets on tennis. I have 11.1% Yeld.
Is not about Tennis, on valuebet you have to to judge after a long period or a larger number of bets.
That’s all. 70 bets are too few!

The sample size is not so big, but would like to ask others also about the tennis results these last 2 months. For example with Kambi bookies big drops in this sport.

Tennis 434 5,4%

tennis 981 8.8 %

Tennis 200 4%

2317 bets on tennis 4.4% FYI