Terrible results last 5 days. Just me?

The last five days I’ve lost about 70% of my profit. Would be interesting to know if this is just me, or if this applies to the common RB user?

Don’t know how I insert picture, so here’s a link to a picture of last five days results:

After the worst day I disabled the markets where I’ve lost the most (tennis and threeway), and then my downfall slowed down. Have anybody been sucessful on these markets lately?

M settings are pretty normal I guess. 30% Kelly, max stake 2%, max 12 hours before match start, and odds 1.3 - 3 (but I rarely bet on odds over 2,5). Current bookmakers are 1xbet, Comeon, Nordicbet, Norsk Tipping and Unibet.

How many bets is this?

The great loss came after about 2000 bets.

The entire downswing is just because of 200 bets on two days on 1XBet and Casumo. A pretty unlucky downswing :frowning:

Showing the entire curve shows you’ve been running hot (way above clv) for much longer however. Variance hits both ways. I don’t think there was anything special happening those two days.

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Not just u, I have identical results from last week! Variance can be tough.