Testing Valuebet for a month (weekly results)

Hello community !
My name is Cris and i am going to share my results in valuebetting each week. I bought the software and wanted to give it a try with a 200 euro testing bankroll. I equally split my capital in bet365 and NetBet so i only use 2 bookmakers for the time being.
First week was way too lucky using default kelly and max bet settings. My value settings are 2%-20% and odds 1.4-4.0 I mainly bet on soccer and less hockey games. So here are my first week’s results after 400 bets:

I am planning to make at least 1500 bets total in the next three weeks. ( Testing Month goal: profit+=subscription :smile: )


Why you don’t want bet on odds that less than 1,4?

Tbh there is no specific reason why . However i dont feel comfortable with really low odds. I think 1.3 is ok too but i chose 1.4 and above and i am completely satisfied for the time being even though i know the losing streak will make its appearance sooner or later.
Anyway thanks for the reply and sorry if u didnt get the answer you expected

Second week starting today and i am thinking of changing things a little bit. New settings (copy of a fellow member) .
Kelly: 25%
Max bet: 5%

However this is going to be tough. I believe that updating my bankroll in settings a lot during a betting day is going to make the difference and play a significant role dealing with variance with this system. I am doing this because firstly i test strategies as a beginner value bettor and secondly my bankrol is small and i can easily afford losing it

Hi cris
I belive 5% bankroll per bet is way too much. unless you are ready and have backup bankroll, i wont do that

I once have blow a 100-unit blackjack bankroll (advantage gambling). I dont know the odds of blackjack hands, but its close to odds 2.0, I can blow 100 unit easily when do bonus hunting

Hey thanks for the reply. The bets that actually are suggested to be betted on at 5% (max) are either really low odds or super high value. Most normal value bets and medium odds are suggested to bet like 1-2 %. 3 days now i havent put a lot of bets because of an ilness but i ll see this friday and weekend what i am going to do when the volume of matches will be super high

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