Testrun value betting

Hello every one
i will doing testrun valuebetting
bets 10000

i have now 3450 bets
yield 1.6%

y see it going down , down and down but the final conclusion after 10000 bets

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That´s why I said it is a bad run or a bug.
With 3k bets, I was ROI 100% in may/june.
A thing that I am trying: see your bookies… stay in the ones doing profit and stop betting in the lossy ones.
I am trying this for a bit.
Maybe, just maybe, some bookies are “unbalanced”.

Bet And bet no results

This is what happened when I started to bet only in bookies where I was profiting:

I am back at my best value ever. If it is coincidence, I just don´t know…

ok but on tradersporrts told in one youtube best results 0-6 hours kick off

update valuebetting when we go make profits arround 3900 bets and yield close to 1% not good results … i am waiting to below 1% soon thks

Always trying to help, I say (I am a little drunk, but my reasoning is sound):
The tide is changing for me.
All I´ve done is: I avoided betting in the bookies that I was losing money and just betted in the ones I was gaining money.
My profits came back.
I am NOT a programmer or a developer but I can think, so I think, MAYBE, some of the software algorithms are not working so well with certain bookies.
ATM, 365 is saving me. Sportingbet is doing ok. Smarkets is doing ok. 188 is ok. Pinnacle is doing ok.
Try to check this, what are the bookies that are giving money at this moment?
Stick to them for a while, don´t bet, or bet just a little, in the other ones.

Haha it is ok
When I have 4200 games I Will come with update
But last 1000 games Goes down And up
I am betting Unibet/partypoker/sbobet/bet in asia/betfair/smarket/betway/pinnacle

Ok thks


Gonna show mine.
What I did since the last drop: I concentrate, as I´ve said, my bets in my profitable bookies at the moment (365, sportingbet, pinnacle, Smarkets).![showmine|690x225]

well done what i expected yield below 1% because this software do not works at all !!!

I understand, maybe I am having all the lucky that lacked my entire life here…
If you change to other service, post something here, I would like to know if you are having success!

i finish first 10000 bets i do there 300 a day it goes fast

but when my yield is below zero then i stop directly and will cancel subscriprion directly because i believe valuebetting here do not works at all

update 4150 bets i believe go to cancel it , because it really do not works
it is not variance … running negative already 3000 bets

most important parameter is the trendline, there is no trend at all

I have absolutely no explanation why it works for me and not for you.
You really should do what you feel is the best for you, if it is get out, get out…

BUT, I must be honest and I can answer anything anyone asks me about the software: it is working for me since April 2020 and I got this day, 29th december, my all time high.

I cannot get out, it would be throw out my luck charm.
Best wishes for you, man!

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arround 4250 bets got not make it better

It has been a week without losses since I have not bet anything for a week.

I have a 1200 registered bets in an Excel sheet that shows the dowswings, not just that 180 bets.

Waiting for New year to see if things change…Not sure about it.

Not betting is +EV