Thank Goodness for the Sure Bets!

I dont know if its just me…but Im dropping off a cliff with the value bets…luckily the Sure Bets have eased the pain. I know a lot of people had a bad weekend kast week, but I hadnt–so its probably a delayed reaction :slight_smile: Dont we love “VARIANCE” ?

Im -400 against a clv of 400.

All sports are -. Pathetic results

And the surebets are on really obscure sports so guranteed to be limited if you bet on them

I am gubbed /banned practically everywhere anyway…so it makes no difference about how obscure the sports are.
On the Surebet you can adjust stakes/odds to what you can get on…Ive not had too many issues ( apart from Unibet) getting £20 -isg staked on each leg…and it works out you make about £1 profit.

Im >£200 up since it started to be added the other week…and yesterday I lost well over £100 “value” betting …so swinga and roundabouts

I am also very happy with the sure betting side of things. I was initially a little bit unhappy with the coming price increase, but I’ve made nearly £100 from sure betting already and that’s with not placing many bets, and having a small bankroll.

I’m a little concerned about how quickly my accounts might be stake restricted, but I’m gubbed on most of the sites I’m using sure betting with anyway. Also, there’s always the option to use clone bookies that aren’t featured on RB to get the bets on. I had to place one on Parimatch the other day as there was a problem depositing at BetVictor - their odds are the same so makes little difference really.

Hopefully the value betting side of things picks up for those of us that have hit a poor run of variance lately. Until then I’ll be using sure betting as a way to claw at least a little bit back.

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I hope things pick up on value betting because it seems to have gone into terminal decline. Cheers

didnt realise Parimatch was a clone of bet victor…so, are all their odds exactly the same?


I know parimatch, 1xbet, Betwinner, melbet, 22bet 1xbit share exact odds to the decimal, markets, customer info etc, i didn’t know betvictor was part of em’. Are the odds just identical or approximate?

BetVic and Pari are exact clones