The only answer is YES, IT WORKS! TRY IT!

My arbing start was like “stone age” compared to where I am now. At the beginning I was searching arbs between books without any soft, just my calculator and textbook. Eventually I was told about rebelbetting soft. Firstly tried 1 week and understood that this is the best 39EUR investition in my life!
When arbing became my everyday “quest”, it wasn’t hard to earn more than 1k in month. I was using only 3 bookies. My mood lifted together with financial situation, becouse before I was strugling to get money for rent and everyday nonsenses. Thanks to Rebelbetting it changed. My mind cleared and I had more time to think about how to get more money, or how to improve myself as personality. I started to read and dived into the betting strategies, arbs , value betting, other things. I wanted to get more. In my opinion Rebelbetting is great thing to earn money for everyday spendings. You won’t buy yacht, but becouse of this you feel free to think how to get such amount of money. So dream big!
If you tried betting before and lost, then it is your chance to get money back! It is great feeling to become banned on soft bookies which was robbing you before. I am limited on all bookmakers in my country, so… I wont hide that I am proud of this!
If you think that I understand something about sport then you are wrong, even on maths I was looser, but here I understood everything easily. So I believe that everyone can do at least the same or better. If you still dont know what to do, then just buy one week subscribtion, do this on friday morning and you will see that this is easy legal money from nowhere. Just be concentrated, act fast and double check everything.
I can say that Rebelbetting is best soft to start this money making things. You will start to understand about bookies, how they act, where is better to put your stakes, how asian handicaps are going and so on. Next step could be Valuebetting but this could go together with Rebelbetting. I use RB as “safe source of money” and Valuebetting as tool to find bets on which I give my attention.
In conclusion: RB is soft for getting you easy and safe money, be sure that Friday and Saturday is the days when you can feel RB most. I always easily make more than 150EUR on those days. Its simple and clear. I already recommended this soft to my friends, now I recommending to you!


How do i go about betting :frowning: i cant seem to register anywhere

gogo: How do i go about betting :frowning: i cant seem to register anywhere

Hi! You can register on our website.

We offer three types of tools; RebelBetting is for arbitrage trading, ValueBetting is for value betting and MatchedBetting is for matched betting (bonus hunting).

I want to start making money too but I’m a beginner don’t even understand the terminology here.

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Read rebels articles on their web site, google search value betting and read everything you can. Take baby steps :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes. Just do like Nifty said. Also, email if you have any questions or need guidance.

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You did say what you did to the restrictions of the bookies,
Has it been lifted?