The problem with my clv

Hello. I have been value betting for a little over a week now. I have made exactly 100 bets so far with small amounts of money to test this thing, which is new to me. There is one thing that is concerning me and it is my really low clv. Do you have any advice how could I increase it? I use 3-5% value bets.

Welcome to the community @doging.

As in min 3% and max 5%?

Increase Min Edge to 4% and max to infinity if possible, then reduce time to something convinient like max of 15 hours.

Here’s a link to the onboarding guide if you haven’t read it; How to Value Bet | Value Betting Web Manual - RebelBetting

Enjoy your stay here😁

I changed min to 3,5% and time to 15 hours and I can’t bet on more than 5% because I am still using the free trial. Still somehow my clv has gone even lower, 0,48% at the moment.

Keep betting, it’s just variance