The SBTech platform and restrictions

So here’s something I’ve learnt since I started my ValueBetting journey (and my apologies if this has been mentioned before, but I couldn’t find anything) but there’s a whole load of bookmakers who use the SBTech platform for their odds. They’re not that open with the information but I’ve noticed that ATG, Leovegas, PAF, SpeedyBet, Unibet, Expekt, and all use SBTech and apparently SvenskaSpel and Bet365 also use them to an extent. There’s probably many more.

I don’t know how SBTech operate but I’m guessing that as part of their odds feed, they probably provide a service that automatically restricts expected value players. The good news is that, it’s not insurmountable. The bad news is that it’s not straightforward and you have to be very patient. I’m on around 510,000 kr profit right now but the few SBTech platforms I’ve got left, I’m placing just a few high bets on high tier bets (generally it works well on Saturdays just before kick-off and European mid-week games). I’m also still placing a lot of restricted bets of between 50 and 300kr which is a bit of a grind.

I don’t think you can ever avoid restrictions but if you’re starting out now, my advice would be to spread your money out on a few bookmakers and just go for the high tier bets within a few hours of kick-off. I didn’t do this when I started but I think I got a little lucky with my (and my husband’s) Bet365 account. I’m still going after 20 but it is getting harder and I’m having to ignore a lot of the bets these days which I never had to at the start,

If you’re interested in my journey, here’s a linke to my blog: Full disclosure: I do have affiliate links for RebelBetting on the site but feel free to avoid these if you don’t like that kind of thing. I obviously love getting occassional affilate payments, but I’m honestly just happy to discover that people started this journey. Some of my closest friends are making money from valuebetting and didn’t bother using my link. I went from never having placed a bet to what is basically now a full time job (well, that and Amazon fba but that’s a whole different story and way more time consuming).

I’m still fairly new to this so would very much appreciate any further information, different opinions or corrections if you think what I think is wrong!

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Nice to see you writing here again!!

But if you are just starting and only doing high tier games I think you’re limiting yourself. Volume value bets, turnover, is the key of the game. It’s just my newbie’s opinion you’re way more experienced than me.

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I agree with @Galileo . Volume and turnover is key. An important factor is the cost of the subscription (unless the sub is free, then time is money). Profit is Earnings minus the costs.

If you engage with a bookmaker and discuss the limitation they will say that “they have not limited you - It is their odds provider”.
Quite possibly SBTech have your “value-betting” data from all the companies they provide service to and where you bet. The heavy hitters in Sweden is Unibet (Kambi is a spinoff from Unibet - now that was an IPO that was successful) and ATG and from which decent profit can be extracted. All the other ones that @AleciaBe, kindly shared, will limit you very fast besides SvenskaSpel,which on the other hand has very few valuebets come through. I am quite sure that the list is inaccurate though. LeoVegas and PAF for example are with Kambi. From Kambi’s website the financial statement for Q2-2023 quotes “Signed contract extensions with key partners BetPlay, LeoVegas and Paf”.