The story of value betting on Basketball...? Poll!

What is the story with basketball?
Some bet and some do not… Maybe something with the colour or the pattern of the ball?
Share your experience, cast your vote and see what your fellow bettors think about baskteball. .

  • Yes, I have always been betting on basketball. Why shouldn’t I?
  • No, I do not bet, and have never bet, on basketball. Why? I dunno…
  • No, I do not currently bet. I have tried it several times but keep losing the green!
  • Yes, I am currently betting. I have tried it on, and off, and now I am finally making dineros!

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The poll will close before May 1st.

Basketball over/under is trouble Maker.

Ha-ha… maybe… just maybe!

Thank you all for participating in the poll with 32 votes cast.

The result is not what I expected with a whooping 72% “always betting on basketball”!
12% are currently not betting on basketball!
Al-in-all: 88% (or 28 out of 32 voting members) are currently betting on basketball!


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For basket i bet only for home team with value>4% and tts<4h. For under/over only value>4%.
With this setting my roi is>6% but use only bet365

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