Things that ive turned off hockey and 3 way to avoid variance

Im down 15% after 63 bets on hockey. So ive turned it off. Can anyone with a large sample size tell me if its profitable long term to turn it back on? The losses are over 625 on my account and since i turned it off my account has had a very steady rise.

Ive turned off 3 way as i dont like the variance 20 bets -31%.

After i turned both of the above off ive rebounded after 570 bets im now in line with ev at 2500 profit so far.

Im a 30% kelly 2% max bet average bet 82 turn over 47.4k ev 4.74%. 570 bets 24 hours out 1.0 to 3.10 odds 2.5+ value

205 bets - £5360 Turnover - £155 on profit which is %2.9 Yield.

It’s not a big sample but as you can see things might go well too and 63 (as well as 205) is way to small of a sample to be able to make a conclusion.

I wouldn’t remove Hockey or any other sport :slight_smile:

Hockey 131 bets +17%. So its actually the best of all sports but way too few bets. In threeway i have almost 500 bets and down 11%. I still use it. Too few bets.

Turned it back on for hockey last night lost another 300 in 10 bets lol ill ride it out.