This really works. Kinda

So what you guys think? Is there any chance I can continue with Value Betting. Some tips? I have had Pro now for about 3 weeks and results are impressive. But now I´m limited to so many bookmakers that I think it´s impossible to continue. I think one of the problem is that i´m from Finland and I have heard sites limit people from Finland faster than some others.

List of limited sites:
-Bet 365
-Unibet and clones Paf and William Hill Eu


if u are pro, why dont u use sharps and asians that they offer in that version?

Rebel Betting cannot beat sharp bookmakers. I would definately use those if someone can prove me that there is value on sharps.

im at 4.5% at pinnacle after 350 bets so yea u can.

Thats quite small sample. If someone can show me atleast 1000bets sample then maybe i believe. I think i have seen some stats from Rebel Betting which shows that they cannot beat sharps over big sample.

well i stop the pro 3 months ago so i cant have more :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you stop if you were beating the closing line by 4.5%?

cause 100 more euros per month and pinnacle close business in my country.

Could you please show us the settings you have in pinnacle to beat them?

Thank you in advance

well its been 3 months not really sure.But i run smthing like this for long time Screenshot by Lightshot .i just lower the hours now on weekends.Most of the bets are 2.2-2.9 in pinacle if i remember correct.