Time to match start filter - newbie help needed

Hi everyone. New member here. Long time gambler, new Value better. Just started yesterday and I understand it will take 1,000 of bets for long-term ROI to settle. I get the maths!

Where can I find some insight into the Match Start Filter? I can see the longer you set it, the more bets and the higher value you can find. But what impact does that have on CLV? Do different sports and bet types respond differently? Once I have my own data I can start to track, analyse and optimise for this but that will take a while! All help and guidance humbly received :slight_smile:

Hey there, welcome aboard as a new value bettor! So, CLV stands for closing line value, which basically means the actual % overvalue of a game at the start of that game.

Your idea about adjusting the match start time is pretty straightforward: the longer you set it, the more and potentially higher percentage value you might find when you’re making your bets. But here’s the catch: if you pick a game that’s, say, three days away and it shows a value of 7 or 8% when you place the bet, those odds could shift a lot over those three days. This might cause that initial 7% value to drop to only 1 or 2%, or even turn negative. Of course, it could also go in your favor, but then you’re sort of taking a gamble at that point.

Here’s a tip: for weekends, it’s smart to keep the match start time low. Why? Well, if you set it to, say, 12 hours, you can place twice the total bankroll in a single day. On the other hand, if you go with a longer time, like 300 hours, a lot of your funds could get locked up. Remember, value betting is all about the volume of bets you can make, so aiming for more bets in a shorter time frame is generally a good idea.

For example, placing around 100 bets per day during the weekend with a 4% value and a 12-hour start time might be more effective than only being able to make around 20 bets with a 10% overvalue. Value betting is all about volume

Happy value betting!


Awesome, thanks Sam. That makes sense!