Tips for beginner - starter plan

Hi guys, i’m currently on the value betting free trial, safe to say its going well and i plan to start off properly on the starter plan. Any advice or tips are appreciated!
My settings are:
Starting bankroll £600
Kelly 30%
AFOB off
Max stake 1.5%
Value percentage: Min 3.8%, Max 20%
Odds 1.4 - 2.9
Any advice on changing any of these?
Any sports to avoid at the moment?
Plan to just stick to bet365 for now
Thanks folks

Hi Marko9818 if your going well I wouldn’t change anything, cheers

Thanks much appreciated

Maybe one last parameter to check is the timeline of the odds you pick. 48 hours ? 24 hours ? more ? in the end is more a choice in terms of having more volumes but more variance (if you take longer timeline) or less volumes but more qualitative value bets (if you take shorter timeline).

Basically the closer you are from an event, the less likely it is that you face a big variation of the odd you get (especially on big market). So picking 48 hours in advance clearly exposes you to huge variations of the odds (up or down). For example you Bet on Brazil 48 hours in advance. But then 24 hours later, we learn that Neymar twisted his ankle (once again !), then the odds may move drastically up → your value becomes negative.

I personally stick to 24 hours as I find it’s a good balance. In any case, variance is inevitable, you just need to understand how you can personally cope with it and what is your level of risk aversion :wink:

Good luck !