Titanbet keeps its customers' money Warning!


I trust this email finds you well.

Your account is currently sanctioned, while being under investigation.

This is done in accordance with our terms and there is no more information for the time being.

Regarding your balance, we will be able to advise further after our checks are completed.

Your understanding will be highly appreciated!

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,
Marcus Graves | Customer Service

It has been almost two months since TITANBET closed my account with more than $600. They only answer that the case is under investigation.

Could please help me and contact this fraudulent company that is in your options? @Hanna @Simon

Thank you very much.

Of course, I took the case to MGA with no response.

We have no connections there I’m afraid. Perhaps other members has any tips?

Thanks, Simon. If you could at least write to them at support@titanbet.com, I would be very grateful. If you want, I will send you my contact information privately. I have already sent more than a hundred emails and nothing.

I do not know what country you are betting from but in many countries their is a governing body that issues gambling licenses. If that is so in your case, then contact them and report the company and ask on how to proceed.

Thank you. In my country there is no such body, so I resorted to MGA with bad results.

I doubt that will help, Titanbet does not like us since we’re constantly sending winning players to them.

Does anyone else have (good or bad) experiences with Titanbet?

Threaten legal action

Thank you, I already threatened them with legal action, but they don’t care. Today it happens to me with titanbet, yesterday it happened to other people with 1xbet and suprabets; tomorrow we don’t know.

I think the bottom line is that we have to add another layer of risk to the limitations and cancellations: that they keep your money and that there is no agency to come to your aid. It’s a great sense of vulnerability.

Today, I got 80% of my money back and they won’t tell me what part of their terms I breached. A lot of winning bets were cancelled Stay away from them.