Tracking bets and closing


  • How many of you track your bets outside rebels tracking sheet and where? (I’m using a online spreadsheet)

  • And how many track the closing odds?

  • Is there a way to get rebel to log the closing odds when the bet settles? (I manually get the Closing from oddsportal now, would be nice to have it in the tracker to see if the bet was closed with a value or not)

Regards N (new user)

How much sample have you collect? (EV placed vs closing EV)

I dont do outside tracking but i see a download button on rebels tracking page
I believe We can process additional statistic analysis, but if manually collect closing odds from oddsportal, with my 3800 bets data, it will consume so much time

I’m new to VB and rebel that’s why I’m asking. And yes, it’s a time consuming task. Would be nice to have it automated within rebel.

Tracking bets and closing is something I do when I place my ordinary bets. But normally I place 1-3 bets/day so the logging part is not a problem. But now with VB it is :weary:

Yes, this is definitely something we will add in a future release. We already have the data available. :star_struck:


Lovely news Hanna :ok_hand::clap:

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