Trade mat sport vs rebel betting

Hi All,

Trademate sports offers a free trial but there non for rebel betting value bet

@Bjorn what are the key differences between the two services?

Trade mate sport say they have a higher accuracy and fast odds than most other value betting services.


Having used both services quite a bit, would say the major difference is speed. I couldn’t place alot of the bets TM offered as they would disappear before I could get money down. Happens with RB too, but not nearly as often. I don’t think TM is anymore accurate than RB. Both are great services and Marius and the TM guys always are willing to answer questions. So are Bjorn, Simon, & Hannah here at RB. Just a matter of preference I suppose.

Also, I might add that TM charges a lot more $ for adding the sharps (SBO, Dafa, and the exchanges) where RB doesn’t. So all in all, RB is a much better choice IMO.

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