Trial Limitations

I am using the 2 week trial at the moment and two things stand out.

  1. Before I started the trial I loaded up four sports books. Of the four one is not available for trial (Pinnacle) and the second 888sport has never had a hit. The Pinny restriction would have been nice to know beforehand
  2. Concerns “Daily Limit Reached” Today was a great example. I was shown 7 or 8 betting opportunities. Each one I check had expired and so I removed. When I tried to open about the 5th I was greeted with the Limit Reached and so my day was over.
    I really like the idea of value betting but it’s hard to get a good feeling for RebelBettings product when restrictions are too restrictive.
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I fully agree we can make the limitations more visible when signing up.

  1. Sharps are not enabled for the free trial, since they are aimed at experienced traders.
  2. In the ValueBetting free trial you can view 50 bets per day, not 5.