Trouble getting to significant bet volume per day - US bettor

I’ve finally done enough settings tinkering so that I’m comfortable with my level of risk and my results month-to-month are consistently positive HOWEVER I’m connect to the eight bookmakers I could find in the list that accept US bettors. Of those, only four tend to produce value bets. Some days that makes it tough to get to 50 bets - which is the minimum I like each day - and I’d certainly run short if I tried to get to 100.

I don’t really want to soften my settings and take on more volatility/risk so is the appropriate solution to upgrade to Pro? Will that give me access to more markets from here in the US so I can get my volume up? Is there another solution I haven’t considered?

My experience is that it helps a little bit, but not as much as one would think because many of the markets aren’t offered by the US-facing websites. For example, on Draftkings, for some reason every Middle East soccer market isn’t offered, Brazil isn’t offered, and only 1 or 2 leagues per European country are offered. If I could bet on the Italian, German and English 2nd-6th league, I’d get another 10-20 bets a day in. They also skip a fair number of the women’s leagues in B-ball and Tennis and the Rugby offerings are fairly limited.