Two AH value bets on the same team

The overall graph starts to show only after a certain time (if I remember correctly, over 1500 bets) just to add that I figured it out myself. In the future, if someone has the same question.

Today I noticed an interesting thing in basketball, on the main page in the user account (Bets) these 2 values were displayed at the same time. I logically concluded here with a higher difference. But is it logical? Has anyone met at basketball bets to be shown like this value bets?

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Yes, this’s Normal and correct. In this case, i take the one with lower odds.

Why do you take the lower odds? I take the higher value but I didn’t think about this before

Personal preference

It would be interesting if you could record both data somewhere separate like a different spreadsheet and perhaps see out of 10 that show double. Which is better to take. The higher odds or the lower odds

Seriously? You gonna use 10 bets to decide what is “best”?


As a starter yes lol as at the moment they are just randomly picking with no data to back it up. I know its not a great sample size but it was just to give them the idea to lead from :slight_smile: of course the bigger the sample size the better

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:jeez and hear i was waiting for you to say it was a mistake and you wanted writing something like “100” which is still a small sample size. But yeah, you’re a beginner so I’m not surprised :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

How do you know im a beginner? Also teach me please master :smiley:

You said as a starter so maybe i misinterpreted, but then you also saying you’re gonna conclude after " 10 bets" just kinda backed up my misinterpretation. Correct me if I’m wrong though

Mmmm I started back in September so it depends on how you would view that? Some may say a newbie but some may say not that new so I guess its dependent. I would say you were wrong with the 10 bets as that was just a suggestion to put them on the right track of deciding

Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying.

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In theory, over a big sample size, it should be the bet with the highest value.