Two new bookmakers added and Overs removed

We’ve added two new Kambi bookmakers, Casumo and No account bet!

We’ve also removed Overs on Football (for ValueBetting) since they are not profitable. Read this in depth article touching the subject of betting bias and why recreational bettors tend to bet more on Overs.


@Bjorn do you have any statistics to support this??? Maybe overs can be profitable if you adjust your presets. What is the yield for overs? and unders???

In around 250,000 bets on each bet type, Overs had a flat yield of -0.1% where Unders had a flat yield of +4.0%. This is significant and that is why we removed Overs on Football (for ValueBetting) back in May.

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Thanks @Bjorn . Does that means overs are not profitable for all sports??? It’s just hard to believe, but numbers do not lie :frowning:

Only overs from football (soccer) are removed.

Overs on basketball are profitable (+2.90%).

Trend but not 95% significant yet:
Overs on Tennis unprofitable (-1.86%).
Overs on Hockey profitable (+3.17%).

I don’t have any solid theories why it differs this much depending on the sport. Why are basket and hockey punters/sharps not showing the same bias as soccer and tennis punters?