Type and interpretation of value bets

HI Everyone,

I am a fresh member, registered an hour ago. Read the tutorial and some posts and didn’t find what I am looking for. Hope you can help me out here.

  • On the main page under “Bets” there are new bets coming all day long as far as I can see it. Pro package guarantees “2-3x bets” a day and I can see much more here. Could someone walk me through how to interpret the “2-3x bets”? Do tipsters create these bets or community members? My question relates to the “2-3x bets” and to all which can be seen under “Bets” on the main page.

  • What is the disadvantage (if any) of using a different bookmaker from the one indicated on the page of the bet? I may not have an account in that particular bookmaker but the odds is the same somewhere else…

  • How is the “Value %” of the bet calculated?

Thank you for the help, hope some new members will find the responses useful.

Thank you Jakob, its clear now.

My first question is still open, appreciate if someone can enlighten me about it. Many thanks in advance!

Hey Everyone,

I came across with some bets which got stuck in my tracker. The status was “pending” and “Match start date” was in the past. I checked these matches and typically all have been played and the tracker failed to update the information. I can update these manually however it would be great to fix it for long term.

I realized that 2-3 of these bets belonged to tennis where somebody withdrew due to injury.

Have you encountered with the same symptom already? Appreciate your feedback.