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Hi everyone I’m new here and am on my second month. I did matched betting several years ago and lost interest in it a few years ago as I felt it was too much time for the returns. Since starting value betting I have around 1400 bets I was £175 down at the start and took a full month to recover and am now £120 up with a high of £250 up. My question is so far I have been stake restricted at
Bet 365
10 bet

I am using smarkets when the bets pop up as I have experience with exchanges from matched betting so can navigate smarkets quite quickly.

I’m just wondering where to go next as I feel I can’t keep the accounts long enough probably due to my previous betting activity. I just don’t see how I can even make the monthly subscription as I don’t seem to be able to keep the accounts long enough.

Who in the UK offers the most value. I know bet 365 is the one to have but that didn’t even last 2 weeks. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated. I’m not looking to multi account currently as I’m not in a position to do so.

Hi @Leigh , can you share your experience with smarkets?

Sure smarkets has been ok actually although my statics would suggest otherwise as I had a run of losses but 32 bets £443 turnover -£29 currently. One thing I do is I have a list so whenever a smarkets bet pops up if I go to it and the price has dropped I just request the price and leave it. I still log the bet but if it doesn’t match I delete it and if it does or partially does I just adjust the numbers in the tracker. It’s a bit more work but it’s better than just deleting it.

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I am also grubbed and wondering if it is worth it. How often do the Smarkets bets pop up?

It will differ for everyone but I’ve set my minimum value to 6 but generally value at 3 will stick around longer. As mentioned above I request the stated price and if it matches great if it doesn’t then never mind. Id say it’s ok for bets but that’s what I’m asking honestly I don’t see this being profitable using sharps. I haven’t gone through all the bookmakers in the list but I’ve had 188 bet listed and haven’t seen anything for multiple days. I feel like if you don’t have bet 365 it’s borderline not worth it

My bet365 is ok for now and that’s the only one I’m using.

I do worry about this though. I will be limited eventually and then what does everyone else do?

I thought Betfair and smarkets would work but after reading a few posts it seems the good bets disappear too quickly to place them or there simply isn’t enough of them

Is that the case?