Under CLV for a while (starter)

Still under 1000 bets, but it doesn’t seem anything is going to change.
My kelly stake sizing is 30%
Max stake 1%
Max 24h, however if the value is under 3-4%, I don’t bet if the match starts in 15h+

The main problem is that in 2 weeks, only 3 days have been profitable for me, I’m on -ROI for 6 days now. If I win 2 bets at under 2.00 odds, it doesn’t make up for one loss. I’m in between -25 and -35 flat units profit.
Is there anything I could change?
Also know I’ve been placing ~70 bets per day and now I place 100 per day.

I had the same issue when i started, just wait till you get to 1000 bets before your analyse again.

*Pay attention to the odds and handicap (-2/+2), sometimes they are not correct, so make sure not to place any bet that is not the same with the system. Check the numbers.

*Make sure you are using the amount suggested for each bet, otherwise you are creating your own system.

Ive been a member for just over a month, below is my result.

try to use only two bookies, instead of 4

Well I only place bets if I’m sure they are correct, I look for the market and the odds to match what RB says.

I also bet how much RB says and most of my bets are on Unibet and Betano, only some on 888 and 0 on Netbet, might also delete Netbet from the list.

It must be the time of year, as my graph looks like yours…and Ive been doing value betting for almost a year and got through 23000 bets .

Almost a year and you are still losing money!!? I

No…Im well up over the year…but it gets harder when you cannot really place bets because of being gubbed, relying on friends/family and they get gubbed too- even quicker than you were…so it slows down . The rot set in for me around January…and Ive flat -lined and declined week on week…for months. I am pretty much sick of it now…and focussing on Sure Bets. My Sure Bets profits have had to carry Value Bet losses for too long now. Overall Im glad I joined RB last year, but I cant see a long term future in Value Betting for me…and will just see things out with Sure bets, putting on as much as I can . The other thing about Value Betting is everytime you look at the Community there is always a superstar claiming to have made a killing, but they dont show settings and evidence :slight_smile: so I take it with a pinch of salt and smile and wish them well. Most wont be around 12 months from now. I am guilty of changing my settings in the pursuit of the Holy Grail of settings that will ensure regular profits. I realise you cant win every day…but in my case its months of genteel decline :frowning:

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CLV going up, but my ROI is declining. Started to take higher odds to see how this goes.
In the meantime, no one is saying anything, only some are posting their thousands in ROI% increase. I don’t even win 50% of the time, is worse than that

That actually does look very worrying. I never had a decline like this, mine was bad for a day but it always bounced back.
I would like to say keep going but with that sort of decline I dont want you to lose any mor money.
Hope it gets better

Update 1000+ bets

Positive side is you are well up!

Yes…and I am intending to stay that way by pausing the value betting :slight_smile: and focussing on Sure Bets!

I am assuming you’re multi accounting?

no. just being modest with my stakes. you dont want to be banging £1000 down on events or you will soon be under the bookie spotlight. Also you would need to keep huge amounts in acts to cover bets

At least the CLV is up, right? :))
Starting to profit on betano only after being limited, which sucks.

Since this is my last day on here, this is my last update.
Profit: 578 RON
-250 RON (subscription fee)
-~200 RON (tax on winnings, other fees)
No, it’s not worth it for me.

This is what your graph looks like since you subscribed:

Your profit is pretty much spot on CLV

As you can see on my photo, it is not.
I was down -1000 and now I am up +500. CLV is 3 times bigger than my actual profit.

Ah yes, I meant since you subscribed to Starter on April 10th.

Before April 10 your stats were:

  • 660 Bets
  • 1.90 Average Odds
  • 3.8% Average value percentage at bet placement
  • 2.92% CLV
  • -4.46% Yield

After April 10:

  • 1650 Bets
  • 2.28 Average Odds
  • 4.9% Average value percentage at bet placement
  • 4.01% CLV
  • 3.88% Yield

A larger minimum value percentage will produce larger profits and less variance.

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