Under/Over negative results


With only 373 bets till now (less than a week from my start), is it necessary to exclude Under/Over from my strategy according to below stats?

I’m using only 1 soft bookmaker, 30% Kelly, 1,5 max stake.

What do you think?

I would definitely not exclude the over/under. I had sort of a similar start with over/under being difficult. But then at some point the trend started to revert to positive.

I think you can just keep doing and it will catch up.

Below my sample to give you an example of how you might catch up in the end :wink:

Good to hear that BetNinja.
I’m not complaining, I know I’m at the beggining, just wodering.

I appeciate that you share your report.
I understand that I have long way to go :grin: