Underdogs showing Value

Hi everyone.
Here is something Im putting out.
Is it the right thing to bet on underdogs - simply because they are showing great value ?
I’m wrestling with this.

if there is value, then go for it

Thats my dilemna. Im with you on that, but I m also thinking they are underdogs for reason… I Guess Ill monitor it. Ive only been Value Betting for a fortnight and blinded by previous concepts of betting on favourites.


Hi Audiman,
are you wrestling with the idea to bet on “great value”?
With value betting we are betting where the value is, regardless if it’s a favourite or an underdog.
In fact, if you VB on event with odds of 4.1 you can expect that, on average, 75% of those betts will lose.
If you have not paid for the subscription yet I suggest that you look up some explanations about positive expected vale betting (+EVB) before you put down the money. Plenty of YT videos out there that have great explanation.

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Ive already paid for years subs, I am happy thus far , and well in profit. Im trying to analyze what is causing the down swings and it came to mind that it might be by opposing favourites. However, I am not going to analyze anymore and leave it to the software :slight_smile: Thanx for your replies.

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