Understanding How Bookmakers Profile and Limit Players


Valuebetting! A great method to turn the saying “the house always wins” around. It’s a really pleasing thing for a punter like me to know i finally have an edge over the bookmakers, my joy was was short-lived after reading more about valuebetting and discovering that it’s a zero sum game and the bookmakers will restrict/ban/gub anyone who they think has an edge over them which leaves the question how can one Avoid gubbing

The way a bookies scanner works is by scanning +ev bets, now when you continuously place +ev bets with a new account that has a stake sizing of 1(on some bookies 0.5 for new users and it goes up for loosing Punters, people with gambling problems have been assigned 4X what normal people are allowed to stake, it decreases for sharp bettors 1.0-0.5-0.25-byebye in that order, marathon starts with somewhere between 0.5-0.75 thus explaining why the restrict quickly) , you’re gonna get flagged by the bookmaker, now you might say what about people who have been valuebetting for months without any problem? Well answer to that is simple, no system is 100% efficient in practical so some are definitely gonna slip and get some extra time (6 months maybe) but in the end, the inevitable must happen.

The main two criteria used to gub accounts like i said are

  1. ROI; before algorithms, ai, scanners etc where available, this was the method bookmakers used to identify winning players, i know of this tipster who’s made thousands betting, kmanalysis.com is his prediction website. He always bets on acca, of 1.2-1.6 odds max, the only time he bets singles are during livebets and he bets on 1xbet and her clones only.

[For those who don’t know, 1xbet’s one of the most sophisticated Scanners, they don’t limit there, they just lower odds in your own account many major bookies haven’t been able to pull this off but 1xbet does it on a regular to show you how powerful their code is, they hardly ban/close accounts, now with this motive they can boast that the don’t close accounts while we all know they do much worse to an account than closing i.e forcefully giving you negative ev bets by reducing your odds]

in the end he got limited both odds and stake limited because he had multiplied his initial deposit about 1000-2000%ROI, because he looked like a mug punter or was a mug punter in my opinion the scanner didn’t pick up on him, it was his ROI that raised the alert leading to restrictions on his account.

  1. The scanner: is just a bunch of code written to watch out for one thing ie +ev bets, in my own opinion i think the best way to go about avoiding this scanner for now until it evolves is to place your valuebets in a two or three leg acca of about 1.04-1.1 odds ust for the sake of having your bet disguised as an acca and avoiding the scanner because it Scans just single bets, bookies already have that notion that accas are good business for them because the over rounds are bigger there and bookmakers wouldn’t waste resources in scanning something they know to be true, mostly what i do is i do some research beforehand on a team that’s likely to score under 2.5 for the whole match and bet on under 2.5 or even 3.5 if there’s a line for it in the first half, also same could be applied to livebets if you have a knowledge on the sport. Now this would increase your odds resulting to more profits, the downside being it’s risky but like i said max odds of 1.1(90% chance of happening) you can go for lower if you like eg 1.04, 1.05 etc should do just fine if one’s not greedy.

Now you’re eventually gonna be banned based on ROI because it’s gonna dawn on them that you have a strategy and you aren’t just mug betting, now it isn’t compulsory that all your bets be accas, 65% of your bets using this strategy should be ok


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thank’s a lot for that article

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Basically we are all doomed ,either sooner or later, in your experience?

Yes, it’s inevitable. Inevitable to the extent that even if you worked inside and your buddies account pops up to you for screening (which is very very unlikely because accounts don’t appear to traders with names, they appear with serial numbers :joy: that is to say the bookies don’t trust their employees and you won’t know it’s ur buddies account, it’s really a zero-sum game)and you mark it as safe meaning it’s loosing money where as it’s not, it’s still gonna pop up to another trader in that room to deal with and you will be queried for not handling it.

Ive made £2k in 3 months since I joined RB, using stakes averaging £10…Ive had 32red and unibet restrict my bets to <£2.00 in most attempts. So if what you say comes to pass, then by the time my RB sub is due ( I paid annually) it wont be hardly feasable? Im feeling sad now !

Cheer up mate, there are a lot of bookies out there that offer a lot of valuebets, bet365, williamhill the list goes on and on

Link to the Bookmakers rebel recommends for valuebetting, make sure you extract max juice from them all before you’re gubbed, when you run of softs you might then wanna consider moving to sharps;they don’t limit on sharps

But on sharps you wont find any value unfortunately

32Red put betting limits on my account after 5 sure bets and about 15 value bets. Now my maximum stake is 3 GBP :confused: