Unibet is the worse

So i signed up to unibet at the start of this month and everyday i keep loosing on just this particular account, i think the odds posted by rebelbetting has some issues.

Please kindly share your unibet result if possible.
Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 19.14.34

Im the same. Unibet is my only loser

You can’t simply blame a bookmaker at only 150 bets placed. I also was -45% ROI but now I’m up and I only place bets on Unibet

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mmmm, guess i’m not alone. Thanks for sharing.

crawling to the positive side since the first post.

April was a good month.

2 months result

unibet is still the worse, i am almost £200 down from -£19 in less thank 4days.