Unibet links not working

Hi there,

The ‘Bet’ link for the bookmaker UNIBET doesn’t work properly.

I’m in the UK and use unibet.co.uk, which doesn’t appear in the URL list.

Whether I’m signed into Unibet or not, the Bet link opens in a window with the wrong currency and not signed in.

Please help!

Thanks for reporting. unibet.co.uk will be in the domain list next release!

Thank you!

i have the same problem unibet goes to the right game but i am not logged in anymore
when i looged in go to home page

Unibet.co.uk is now in the domain list. Go to Options / Bookmaker and change.

@vanleej2012 @livingthedream

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Thank you! Makes it so much easier.

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i only see unibet not unibet uk

See Bookmaker tab, not Filters.

Read my reply again.

ok thks it works for me unibet.be
but y can fix that for bwin and marathonbet.com also

Yes we will add a bunch of domains in the next release. If you have specific domains, send them as a private message to me and I’ll fix.