Unibet statistics

Hi I’m new to valuebetting but have been a full time arb trader for a long time

Do anyone have any long term stats like yield on unibet that they can share?

I have a unibet account that will “never” be restricted and how much one would make in the long term exploiting this opportunity

Generally speaking over the long term, how does unibet compare to bet365? (From what I’ve read so far, bet365 appears to be the best bookmaker)

Thank you

Over the past 25 days, I’ve placed 817 bets on Unibet, with a total turnover of €18,052. My profit was €453, resulting in a yield of 2.5%.

These results aren’t very impressive when compared to my Bet365 account, where I placed 1,370 bets, had a total turnover of €18,913 , and a profit of €1,251, resulting in a yield of 6.6%.

By the way, you piqued my interest when you mentioned that your Unibet account can’t be restricted. Could you explain?

Thank you for your information, wow unibet is no way near as good as bet365… would you class unibet in the top 5?

Regarding my unibet, i have local machine outlets where I can buy manual unibet tickets.

But doesn’t that take time to execute?

Nah not really

@Unibetonly below you can see the stats for Unibet compared to Bet365 the last 12 months