UPDATE after 926 bets and 20 days of value betting

Hello, here is a update after soon 1000 bets. It’s going really well so I just wanted to chug this out there if someone is interested in my settings. All good.

I’d like to know ur settings, I’ve been using the service for nearly 3 weeks and am loosing bet after bet , big loses and looks like could run out of money soon , no idea how people are making any profit , I made bigger profits placing ‘normal’ bets !

Here you go. Steady profit since start. Hope it turns around for you!

Do u have the tap ‘adjust for open bets’ ticked or not?

It’s off. Find no reason to use it. With my settings I try to do 50 bets a day and I haven’t had a problem with not having enough money to make those bets.

can you share your options, about stake sizing, and max stake

It’s 30% and 1.5% stake size.

Three months later…do you overcome that bad run?