Update after two months and over 4600 bets

Hello everyone,

I decided to start and update my result in general as I go forward. I have used Rebelbetting for two months now with the starter subscription. First month was definitely better than the second. In general my profit in the first month was little bit under 200 euros after the subscription cost. The second month I barely covered the subscription cost. Honestly I expected little bit better results at this point but I am not yet throwing the towel. I am planning on upgrading to pro for the next month as I want to see if the results are better with that.

You can see in the first picture that I am way behind the CLV and my CLV-% has been dropping for the last week. In terms of individual sports, basketball has been dropping my results significantly. During last few days it has gone up little bit but in general it’s decreasing my results. I am thinking of trying without basketball completely.
I didn’t change my settings at all during the last month and I am rocking with pretty much standard settings.

In general my results haven’t been yet what I expected and in my mind I am wondering if this is worth the time investment. But still I’m going to subscribe for another month. Is there something you guys think I could change or think about in general in my settings e.g?

Is this just normal variance? Ever since I upgraded to PRO, I have gone from 450 profit down to 150 profit. This is after around 400 bets with the pro version.

Is it just me but I am seeing significantly less bets available ever since Saturday with Bet365. Has anyone else noticed this?

Betsson in Sweden did not have any bets coming through and Bet365 was also not giving bets for a few hours this Saturday.
Do yo still keep match to start at 36 h? That is IMHO way too long. Take it down to around 12 h on Frid-Sund, and around 24 h on remaining days. The further out the higher value you want on the bet!

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I usually do reduce the time to start on weekends to 12-16 h. During the week I usually have it 24 - 36 h depending on number of bets available. Will now put it down to 24 h to start.

An update on results. Yesterday I was limited on bet365 after a heavy downcurve. Is there an alternative for bet365 for volume or should I just try and bet what I can on bet365?

Hi @Intsu17 , any updates ?