Update: value betting on sharp bookmakers

Yes, we calculate using the commission setting of each user.

By the way, how is the above yield calculated?

assume there are two bets, bet A with 1% yield and bet B with 9% yield.

if there is only one user, and this user makes both bets, the yield would be calculated as 5% I guess. But what is if there are 10 users, and one user makes bet A and B, while the rest of the users only make bet B. Would it also be calculated as 5%? or is it 8.3% in that case?

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i do like to be positive about rebelbetting but i can not 6000 trades yield 0.68% on the soft bookies
sbobet yield -50% 1000 bets

@vanleej2012 I checked your stats to see if I could help. The problem is likely that you bet 1 or 2 euros each time.

When you round each bet to either 1 or 2, the stake calculation and the kelly criterion cannot work at all. You bet the same amount on a bet where we recommend €0.51 as you would a bet where we recommend you bet €1.49.

The recommended minimum bankroll is €500.




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can you post graph for last 12 months how is yield changing ? - graph for every bookmaker

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I AM BACK WITH 2000-4000 BETS more let see it make sense thks

Given the statistical significance of the results, I presume it makes sense to stay away from the negative yield bookmakers listed above, right? Just making sure I’m not misunderstanding anything.

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Hi Simon, I note your stats from the sharps are from 14 Jan. Could you please provide on update? My first (small) sample of bets have been inline with the results from that post.

@Simon would it be possible to get another update on the sharps?

Kind regards

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Will there be any update ?

Yeah, any update?

Update 2022-02-09

Sportmarket	2.14%
MatchBook	1.56% (few bets)
BetInAsia	1.35%
Smarkets	0.36% (high avg odds 3.10)
3et		    0.24%
Betfair		-0.90%
BetISN		-1.26%
Pinnacle	-3.18%

It is clear from this that comparing Pinnacle’s odds to weak bookmakers makes a profit. Pinnacle has quality reviews and has a hard time trying to beat them. Requires really accurate and better probability estimates to make that possible.

Do you also bet on isn and pinnacle per SPORTMARKET or do you exclude them because they have -ev? Greets

Any update? Have sharps been profitable lately?

If I am not wrong, there is a commission on Sportmarket for every bet on every bookmaker.

whereas BiA or Vodds is free. How is yield % different?
Also, which bookmakers do we place bets on via Sportmarket?

No, the commission is only for Betfair bets.

Been using Pro version for almost a month and it’s so hard to get those odds on sharps that you get notified. Not sure if it’s worth the cost as Betfair seems to be -EV and their odds are also almost impossible to get into.

Do you have any new update for pinnacle?

Pinnacle is around -3% yield, proving they are among, if not THE sharpest around.