Update your time zone settings to Winter time

Please update your time zone settings if necessary, according to Winter time (Daylight Savings Time ends, i.e fall back to standard time), if you come from a country where this is applicable.

In theory, we just got one extra hour of sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to Options/user to update this:

Looks like this brought some issues as well. I’m seeing games that already started with wrong odds on SB. I have already changed my timezone in the user settings, so it seems like it’s something weird going on in the backend.

The game below already started 30 minutes ago, however, according to rebel betting SB it will start in 30 minutes. Looks like I’m only getting these with bookmaker “DanskeSpil” and “Pinnacle” for now. I’ll update if I find more of these.


Thanks for reporting! We are looking into this.

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We’ve now fixed the time zone on Pinnacle, let us know if this is still a problem!

Amazing! Thanks a lot. :smiley: I haven’t seen any issues for the past few days, so it seems to be alright now. Thanks for taking a quick look into this!