US bettor, first 2 weeks

Hello everyone, thought I would share my results here for any US bettors that might be interested. I’m from the state of Illinois so we have a decent amount of books to choose from but it seems like the majority of my bets are coming from barstool/bet rivers (kambi books), along with bovada and betanysports. I get a lot of bets that don’t actually exist on my books, usually Australian sports or lower league soccer, especially on William Hill, which is Caesars here. It might be because each state has different leagues it allows betting on, I don’t know. So far I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going, I got off to a fast start and am still continuing to move up slowly, but it’s true when they say the losing streaks are disheartening! I’ve been limited a little bit but it’s usually from betting too far out from game start time, not to mention I was limited some before this, I used to do a lot of arbitrage and bonus hunting. There are some value bet services in the US that mostly give out US sports bets, but rebel gives me all the foreign soccer and basketball which is huge. I am on my way to making enough profit to buy a years subscription!! I’ve basically just been using the standard options as well, haven’t felt the need to make many changes. Good luck everyone!

Thank you for sharing. Always nice to see how other bettors are doing.