USA players Beware

This site is not for US players. It’s basically a money grab to rip US players off. The bets they say never come, it takes hours to just get 500 in at full Kelley. I will be posting a video of this and making sure it is always at the top in youtube as advertising is everything.

Unless you live in Europe somewhere this is a pure scam.

I am not based in US so I can neither confirm or deny what you write. I Invite US players to share their opinion and experience…
What I do not understand is your claim that it is a “money grab”.
You had a FREE trial period! You could test and decide for yourself if you have sufficient number of bets coming through.

Actually makes me think that you are probably a troll. I will leave the thread open for fairness and transparency. Happy if any US members can comment.

The initial comment on this thread indicates the person is either a troll or has no concept of how the American betting world operates. Our overall availablility to bookies and the number of individual bookies is based on the laws of individual states. Plus, bookies I have access to in my state may not be available to someone who has legal betting in their state. I live in Pennsylvania and have access to a dozen domestic plus multiple offshore bookies. If I lived in California, Florida or Texas for example I would not have access to any domestic bookies. The person who started the thread does not indicate where he lives.

I’m not exactly sure what he means by “hours just to get to 500 at full Kelly”. Perhaps he’s talking about $500 in total bets? That is based on the bankroll and changing the settings to full Kelly is insane.

I am at just about 1000 bets and started during the slowest portion of the sports calendar. There is no European football, no American football or basketball, no hockey. It is plain to see that I’ve been able to place plenty of bets at a relatively high average stake and turned a profit very close to the expected CLV. And, I’m not even close to the point where I’ve washed out the variance - that is still thousands of bets from now.

The only issue I have had with placing bets is in the lower level soccer leagues where the markets are very thin. Understandably, a bookie doesn’t want to take large bets and be exposed in these markets. In deeper markets I have had no problems at all.

I don’t know what he means by “the bets never come”. This is a slow time of year and I was able to get in 16 bets yesterday at a total of just of $1000. You can see my average bet for the first 1000 bets so yesterday’s average was very typical.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my betting experience. I have received multiple deposit and turnover bonuses that have more than paid for use of the website.

If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. But, don’t speak for everyone else.


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Been doing this for years. I think it’s great you made 14 bets but ev+ is all about the volume. Yes, 500 down in hours sucks when your bankroll is 2k.
I am in VA and exposed to 10 books.
The purpose of this is because they sell themselves as a US player site. Your 14 bets sample with meager under 1k bets says nothing.

It doesn’t make a difference anymore anyway.

You clearly have made up your mind. So just quit, log out and be gone. If your down 500 in two hours with a 2k bankroll then you have no idea how to manage money. Bye.

Did not say that, the trolls are actually the ones answering this lol. You have to question if you are even a real US player

Excellent reply and I appreciate the nuanced answer.
@Daniel_Moran you are welcome to complain and being negative but if you promote competing services your post will be deleted and you will be banned.