Using bots for betting


I use betting bots for my value bets. If you are using too or you have experience with bots let’s talk about it.

The problem is no the accounts…there are sources out there if you know where to look. The main problem with bots for me is developers. It’s not easy to find trustable developers. That’s why I’m always looking for new bots.
My TG @panosmgr

file boroume na milisoume prive sxetika me auto? se kapoio discord h sto thlefwno?

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im going to sit down and build one with a friend today

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How did that go?

I suppose you never received an answer.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:yep i never did. I have another lead though, work in progress and will be ready soon

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Let me know how it goes.


Plz let us know there is so little information available on how to automate bets

I got in contact with this developer, he has a fully functional bot that places prematch and Inplay valubets with yield Avg 5%+, thing is his bot is expensive, priced at 1k euros, i would’ve considered paying this without batting an eye but then his terms were; 1k upfront and 20% profit. Insensible considering I’m the one sourcing accounts, risking capital etc, i decided to bail and continue manually for now, will update if i find another way