Using Exchange markets?

Anything I might be doing wrong? Or is everyone experiencing similar draw down. I use mostly exchanges markets but stick to strictly bets of over 3% value.

Could the time frame be an issue as I place bets upto the maximum time.


Hi Prayed.
You have almost no bets placed. You need to put down over 5k bets!
Your CLV is positive, which is good.
Your average odds is very high. Normally it is between 2.0 and 2.3. Yours is at 3.85!

Okay thanks. Im in a few other services and normally by this point i assumed slight profit atleast. But variance seems very poor as ive had 4 bets of over £200 lose at lower than 1.7. So just unlucky start it seems.

That does not explain you average high odds.

I take high odds which does explain the variance. I am currently +200 after dropping as low as -1200 only a day ago.

I was just unsure as I most bets for me are on exchanges and I know it is harder to turn a profit

You must be taking very high odds and, or, many of them to skew the average to 3.85.