Using this service without B365

Just on the free trial at the moment here in the UK and do not and cannot get a B365 account due to previous ones being closed, also made use of family and friends etc . . . .

How does this service pan out on just football if you don’t have B365 as most bets I have read are on B365?


Hi Kieron.
You will need a lot of soft bookies to make up for the lack of B365 accounts. If you stick solely to football it will be even fewer bets available. I would estimate that 80% of my (I’m from Sweden) profit is from B365.
However, with three to four limited B365 accounts you can still extract decent value.


the issue here is that newer and tighter betting controls are choking the opportunities to do what others do, ie use friends/family accounts. The KYC checks are getting terribly intrusive.
Ive managed to value bet without bet365. you just have to look at which bookies RB work with and do what you can, with what you can access.
A bigger problem than not having bet 365 is dealing with the frequent downswings…its not all plain sailing with value betting :slight_smile:

Come on… how can the downswings be the bigger problem? With downswings you have upswings, but nobody is complaining about them. :star_struck:

Very true, my friend :slight_smile:

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I’ll complain about them just for the sake of balance. I hate upswings almost as much as downswings. Give me steady profit with only the gentlest of trend lines, if I get to pick. All I can think about when on an upswing is, “Oh, man. This is gonna suck when ‘the math’ finally balances this out.”

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